The Big Cheese




You've probably already guessed it, but we love, LOVE cheese, so much that we couldn't wait to share it with you. And our favorite part of having other Mouths over? Creating the ever-popular cheese board, for all its shareable, gushable, mix-and-matchable glory.

So break out this spread for your next book club, invite your besties over for cocktails or throw a seriously awesome poker night. It's gonna be gouda.

You'll feast on three swoony, indie cheeses that will make you feel totally patriotic: A mini-wheel of goat cheese that's crusty and gooey with a creamy-sweet center; a tangy and rich cow's milk cheese perfect for slicing; and a funky washed rind. All whey, whey good.

And because your guests can't live on cheese alone, set out a fruity, not-too-sweet fig spread; a savory sun-dried tomato and olive tapenade; a spectacular honey for drizzling; two kinds of crunchy crackers; and candied pecans for nibbling well into the night.

The sweetest dreams are, well, made of cheese.

This cheesy spread will serve 5 to 6 people generously, or a few more as a lead-in to a dinner party. For a larger crowd, check out Cheese a Crowd.Make theassortment extraparty-ready and add ona fancy slate cheese board!


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