Secret Santa Sweets



Any one of these treats will have them ho, ho, ho-ing all the way home from the office!

Bang Bang Candy’s Hot Chocolate Pops, made of smooth chocolate and a candy cane stirrer are crucial to the hot chocolate experience. Tumbador’s Mint Crunch Chocolate Bar will take their chocolate and mint obsession to the next level, and Malvi’s Cotton Candy Marshmallows with a burst of raspberry bubblegum flavor will impress even the most die-hard cotton candy fiend. Roni-Sue’s Chocolate Maple Bacon Lollipop’s are glass-like, pleasingly thin, rich and sweet, and Stoopies’ Chocolate Covered Stroopwafels are just crying out for a cup of hot cocoa. (Garnished with that Hot Chocolate Pop, of course.)

With treats this sweet, you won’t be able to keep the secret for long!

  • $55.50 EACH