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PB Sandwich Hack #3: Bacon Jerky And Green Apple Slices

We’ve been best friends with both peanut butter and bacon since we were kids, and recently it hit us: These two are totally made for each other – they just haven’t admitted it yet! How could we not have seen this sooner. So we played matchmaker.

First, we went to bacon, who quickly (too quickly?) admitted to crushing on peanut butter. Then we went to peanut butter, who was shocked to hear the feelings were mutual. (Honestly, it was really obvious. Peanut butter can be so thick sometimes.) Peanut butter was dating jelly, but they had been drifting apart for months, and jelly was starting to sour, anyway. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

And that’s how peanut butter met bacon, kids. 

This peanut butter and bacon sandwich is our take on Elvis’ famous favorite – the peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. Because we’re us, we had to try it with Applewood Uncured Bacon Jerky. Yes, you heard that correctly. Bacon. Jerky.

Made by Chef’s Cut Real Jerky in Naples, Florida, this thin-cut, nitrite-free bacon gets dunked in a sweet marinade of apple juice, salt, pepper and maple syrup, and infused with applewood smoke until it reaches ultimate crispness. It’s sweet and a little spicy from the pepper, and not at all greasy or soggy like you’d expect. It’s bacon you can put in your pocket, and we’re not mad about that at all.

We like to brighten up this indie-fied bacon jerky and peanut butter sandwich a bit with thin slices of crunchy, slightly tart green apple.

If you think about it, we’re sort of like the apple in this relationship – a little bit third wheel, but a great straight man for the main duo to riff on. #SquadGoals

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s #MOUTHwatering PB Sandwich Hack, and don’t forget to share your own! Tag us @MouthFoods using the hashtag #MOUTHwatering for a chance to be reposted.

Missed last week’s PB Sandwich Hack? Read all about how peanut butter and toasted white chocolate is just like Wesley and Princess Buttercup’s relationship here. (Yes, we did just reference The Princess Bride.)

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