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On The Sixth Day Of Indie Christmas...

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to mesix geese a-laying six birds a-laying.

The bad news: we’ve been looking around, but there are no geese at Mouth HQ. (And there aren’t any birds in our current inventory, either.) The good news: we do have Twenty-Four Blackbirds’ dark chocolate bars, which are made from organic, single-origin cacao and molded with a single feather. See where we’re going with this?

The Madagascar 75% Dark Chocolate Bar is lusciously creamy and fruity with the flavor of dark berries and wrapped up in a deep cocoa – trust us, this is a way better gift for your little love bird. You know what they say… birds of a feather flock together.

Twenty-Four Blackbirds’ Mike Orlando actually studied marine biology and chemistry and worked at a lab before he quit to fully immerse himself into the world of bean-to-bar in Santa Barbra. His company takes DIY to a new level, even designing and printing the labels themselves – the sleek small bars are wrapped in simple brown kraft paper illustrated with original line drawings picturing birds on a wire.

Flock to it!

So, to recap...

On the sixth day of Indie Christmas, my small-batch maker gave to me:

Six Birds A-Laying
Five Golden Things
Four Flying Birds
Three French Broads
Two Turtle Loves
And Our Indie Cocktail Made With Pear (whee!)

We have six more days of Mouth-watering gifts. Check back tomorrow to see what the seventh day of Christmas brings…

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