• $38 for 750ml


This crisp white wine is a fascinating example of the best of California natural winemaking, made from 100% Sémillon grapes grown on organic vineyards. It's quite dry with an earthy acidity, and powerful enough to stand up to strong flavors. 

Dirty & Rowdy loves to experiment, combining traditional methods with new ideas. After harvest, some of these grapes are fermented with the skins still on, and these are split between a steel tank and a mix of American and French oak casks. The rest of the grapes are fermented without the skins, in a concrete "egg." Blending these two separate fermentations just before bottling maximizes the complexity of this crisp, elegant wine.

tip of the tongue

We love a bottle with Mexican food – it's a perfect match for the rich, warm and even spicy flavors.  

11.7% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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