• $25 for 750ml


We were already obsessed with the big, earthy, fruity flavors in Tony Coturri’s Carignane natural red. So when we heard about Young Carignan, we just had to snatch a case (one of only 50 made!). The grapes here are ripe, fruitier, a little jammy – it’s almost like drinking straight grape juice.


Carignane grapes are traditionally grown in the Rhone and Southern France, where it's typically used as a blending grape. Both Coturri reds are made with the same grape varietal, but wineries around the world spell it differently depending on pronunciation. We think the missing e sets this young one apart from its bigger, more tart and more tannic predecessor.

tip of the tongue

Savor this rarity with an indulgent medium-rare steak. Or, chill it down just a tiny bit to sip with a spread of creamy cheeses and grilled veggies.

100% Carignan; 14.2% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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