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What do you get when you vapor infuse a rye whiskey with wormwood? Some pretty whiskey business.

We’ll be honest: We didn’t know a whiskey could be inspired by traditional herbal absinthe, yet blaze its own trail as a one-of-a-kind spirit. This hybrid is made by mixing locally sourced rye and corn with wormwood backset. (Translation #1: the alcohol-free liquid left at the bottom of the still after distillation.) The mixture is then fermented in a handmade still before stave aging in American and French oak. (Translation #2: a smaller-scale way to impart flavor by using a narrow strip of wood instead of a barrel.) 

Unlike absinthe, which is a highly distilled spirit made using herbs and botanicals (flowers, anise, licorice, mint), no other botanical is used in this spirit besides wormwood. The result is a smoky, spicy rye with the feel of an absinthe. 

Standard Wormwood Distillery was founded in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Wormwood was a banned ingredient when they first began distilling, but they loved its “lucid wakeful feel” so much that they carried on experimenting with it. Fortunately for us, the ban was lifted (woo hoo!) and now we’re all able to enjoy the alluring qualities of Wormwood Rye.


The distillery recommends using Wormwood Rye in their “Evening Standard” cocktail: Mix equal parts Wormwood Rye with overproof rum and Sweet Vermouth for a knockout nightcap.

45% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750 ml bottle

  • vegan.
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