• $7 for one spreader.


At Mouth HQ, we’re all about tasting things on little wooden spoons. (Have you seen our logo?) So, we were naturally blown away by Jonathan Simon's beautiful wild cherry wood spoons and spreaders. It’s about time we found a spreader worthy of our elaborate cheese plates. 

These adorable, 6-inch Little Spreaders are the perfect vehicle for soft cheeses, savory spreads and jams, a.k.a. some of our favorite things. And they make a small but memorable gift for food-obsessed friends!

It all started when Jonathan forgot to pack a spoon with his lunch one day. Luckily, he was working as an apprentice to a furniture maker at the time and he quickly fashioned a spoon out of scrap wood. The rest is history. Jonathan makes all kinds of utensils now (from spaghetti forks to tongs and everything in between) and he uses only cherry wood for his spoons because of its sturdy, smooth, solid and, well, beautiful qualities.

What are you waiting for? Spread ‘em. 


Headed to a dinner party? Bring this little spreader with some cheese and charcuterie to really thank your host!

Measures six inches in length. Made of solid cherry wood.

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