Wine O'Clock

Wine O'Clock


  • $72.50 EACH
Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

This lovely all-in-one gift bag sets the scene with two amazing, affordable indie wines – a bottle of refreshing, elegant Sauvignon Blanc and a rich, earthy Pinot Noir – plus ready-to-go glassware. Any time is wine time!

Yes, we’ve always been fans of Govino’s stemless wine glasses (and just learned they’re even made in the US!). Plus, they can be used for anything, not just wine. Sure, these 12 oz glasses are perfect for cocktails, but also for orange juice, milk, soda or any non-alcoholic drink when you take these babies outside. 


“Recycle all those old docs in your file cabinet. Turn the empty drawer into a bar. You’re welcome.”

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