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Feeling adventurous? Take a ride down some Whitewater (Vodka) rapids with us. No raft required. 

Smooth Ambler's distillery is just a few miles from West Virginia’s Greenbrier Hotel, famous for its white sulphur springs, which are thought to have special restorative properties. This vodka is made with this same water, so it's no wonder that when we take a sip, we're totally blissed out.

It’s lean and crisp, but with a sweet, buttery, caramel undertone and some fruity notes that make it so tasty you’ll actually want to drink it on its own. But try it in cocktails too. Just, you know, for research’s sake.

What a rush.


Looking for a bloody good drink? This vodka’s creamy quality really shines through in drinks with a vegetable base – you’ll love it in a Bloody Mary.

40% alcohol by volume

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