White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Mouth says...

The minute we opened this bottle, we were blown away by the intensity of its earthy, floral aromas. 

We'd love to cook with fresh white truffles all the time (who wouldn't?) but for now we'll just stick with a more affordable luxury: Drizzling this incredible oil into bowls of soup, plates of fresh pasta, and straight into our Mouth. 

So why is this truffle oil so different from all other truffle oils? Bariani in Sacramento, California, starts with hand-harvested olives, which are then washed and crushed. The extra virgin oil is cold extracted and never filtered to preserve its incredible flavor. Then, Bariani adds white truffles purchased from Northern Italy, the region where the finest white truffles are found. The truffles macerate with the oil, infusing it with flavor until it is bottled. They even add a few slices of truffle to each bottle at the end, so you'll always get a fresh hit of that earthy and robust flavor.

Molto bene!

tip of the tongue

Heat isn't good for the complex aromas in this oil, so use it as a "finishing oil" for just-cooked pasta, set out a dish with sliced bread, or drizzle a little into bowls of mushroom or roasted squash soup.


Extra virgin olive oil, white truffle tuber magnatum pico. Comes in an 8.45 oz bottle.

  • Vegan.