White Chocolate and Coffee Bar



Creamy, rich white chocolate calms the bittersweet crunch of cacao and coffee nibs.

Of course it's named after the classic tragedy, Othello: Sweet in the beginning, bitter by the end, and rave reviews from start to finish. And we can already see just how this one ends: death by chocolate. Well, at least it was sweet while it lasted. Standing ovation for this one. 

Normally we're not in favor of judging a book by its cover – but luckily, these magnificent bars taste as good as they look. Each comes enclosed in a sturdy paper envelope sealed with a wax fleur de lys. These edible love letters are made all the more poetic by their evocative titles.

Tip of the Tongue

Not sure whether you're craving coffee, chocolate, or candy? This bar brings the simple sweetness of white chocolate, the richness of pure cacao and the flavorful bitterness of coffee into a perfect balance. Standing ovation! 

  • $6 for a 0.8 oz bar