Whiskey Glasses & Soapstone Spheres

Whiskey Glasses & Soapstone Spheres


Mouth says...

Get ready to sip craft whiskey as it was meant to be enjoyed: chilled, and undiluted! This set of two whiskey glasses includes two soapstone spheres to chill your spirit without watering it down with melty ice cubes. Pretty cool, right?

Makers Steven Chavez and Justin English gather soapstone “scraps” abandoned in quarries around the world, then shape and polish them into stylish, eco-friendly home goods. Paired with two expertly designed tumblers, they make a great gift for any whiskey enthusiast who likes to share a tipple with a friend.

tip of the tongue

To keep things cool, simply freeze the spheres for at least a few hours, then drop one in each whiskey glass and drink up! The spheres also double as coffee and tea warmers if you pop ’em in the microwave before filling up your morning mug. Boom!


2 whiskey glasses and 2 soapstone whiskey spheres.