Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce


  • $10 for a 3.3 oz bottle

Mouth says...

Worcestershire sauce is an old condiment. As in Ye Olde. 

Based on fermented fish sauce garum from ancient Rome, the modern version was first made popular in England during the 1830's when it was used to flavor meat dishes and drinks. Today it's most typical formulation is mass produced and made from anchovies, malt vinegar, tamarind, and onion. 

This iteration is a huge leap forward in the evolution of Worcestershire – it's made with no fish (We got you, vegans)! Instead, the masters at Bourbon Barrel combine sorghum, apple cider vinegar, tamarind and their all-natural, small-batch soy sauce. It is then aged in some of the Bluegrass State's finest bourbon barrels. The taste is exceptional.

tip of the tongue

Mix cream cheese, shredded cheddar and havarti, onion and garlic powder with a few tablespoons of Worcestershire. Chill, then form into a ball and roll in smoked pepper. YUM!



Spring water, sorgham, apple cider vinegar, naturally brewed soy sauce (soy beans, wheat, sea salt, yeast), tamarind, spices

  • Contains soy.
  • Contains wheat.