Uncured Bacon

Uncured Bacon


  • $17 for a pound

Mouth says...

Bring home the bacon like you’ve never brought it home before! Nodines smokes their bacon slowly over hickory and maple hardwood, and because there’s no water used in curing, the bacon has minimal shrinkage factor when cooking. Use this bacon for more than just breakfast. Its sweet, smoky, and umami balance is ideal for the perfect BLT or a baked potato to remember. It’s makin’ bacon better than ever!

Tip of the tongue:

Explore bacon’s sweet side! This salty treat is delicious crumbled into the crust of an apple pie, sprinkled throughout caramel corn, or dotted on any buttery, sweet dessert.


Pork, Water, Salt, Brown Sugar, Celery Powder, Sugar. BACON with (NO NITRITES OR NITRATES ADDED EXCEPT FOR THOSE NATURALLY OCCURRING IN CELERY POWDER.) Sliced and packed in one pound package.