Uncured Fruitwood Bacon

Uncured Fruitwood Bacon


Mouth says...

Welcome to breakfast! This is farmhouse style bacon – thickly cut, marinated in maple syrup and brown sugar, and smoked for literally hours and hours over applewood and cherrywood fires. The New Hampshire smokehouse was founded by Abraham Satzow nearly 100 years ago. Today, his grandson Mike Satzow carries on the tradition, paying careful attention to craftsmanship and traditional European butchery techniques. He hand-selects meat from duBreton, a Canadian producer – it's certified organic, humanely raised, vegetarian fed, antibiotic-free and non-GMO. Yep, they're hog wild about quality.

Tip of the Tongue:

Here's some helpful advice from North Country....always bacon care of business! They recommend laying the bacon flat on a flat cookie sheet (with ridges to catch the grease) and oven roasting at 375 ° F for 12 - 20 minutes, or until desired crispiness is achieved. To Keep: Refrigerate immediately after opening. Product is best if used within 7 days or freeze unopened package for up to one year!



Natural Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar, Natural Flavorings and Maple Syrup. No Artificial Ingredients. Minimally Processed.