White Tumbler

White Tumbler


  • $26 for a 16 ounce tumbler

Mouth says...

It’s bright. It’s bold. And it keeps your drinks cold. We like to imagine power-striding into the office with this beaut, perhaps in a pant suit to match the intensity if we were feeling a little extra. But the design isn’t the boldest part of this BPA-free sleek tumbler. If you leave the house in the morning, your iced coffee will stay ice-cold all the way until you leave for your evening happy hour plans. That’s right. The triple-insulated lining keeps your drink cold for nine whole hours. Say goodbye to tepid coffee, and keep your caffeine boost frosty.

And let’s talk about some other awesome features. The lid is made in a shatterproof BPA-free plastic, in case you drop your coffee running to your morning meeting. The base is made of slip-proof silicone, which will keep it secure in the car or on your desk. Swanky, versatile and multi-talented… just like you!

TIp of the Tongue:

This tumbler isn’t limited to coffee. Load up on iced tea, raspberry lemonade, fresh juice or your morning smoothie. You might even pour some rosé for your afternoon picnic into it.

We picture giving the blue tumbler to that artistic, bright and slightly eccentric friend… a person who obviously loves a pop of color in their lives. White, on the hand, is for the clean, mod-obsessed aesthete. Clean lines and sleek tumblers.


Easy grip, flat sides. Slip-proof silicone bottom. Triple insulated. BPA-free.