Trufa Seca Salami

Trufa Seca Salami


  • $17 for a 5 oz salami

Mouth says...

You can’t believe that three ingredients could work together to produce such a mouthwatering, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-the-head, sensual experience. But when one of those ingredients is black truffle (in Spanish, trufa), you get it. Flecks of the earthy, perfumed truffle appear throughout this exquisite pork sausage, made from pasture-raised, heritage-breed pork and dry cured for two months. The only other ingredient is hand-harvested fleur de sel, added to bring out the natural flavors as well as a delightful bit of texture. Quite the threesome.

This Old World-style sausage comes to us by way of Charles Wekselbaum (aka Charlito). Charlito was raised in a Cuban-American family in New York, but it wasn’t until he visited his distant family in Salamanca and Extremadura, Spain, that he discovered a passion for cured meats. He is now on a mission to share his pasión and Spanish techniques (not to mention superb meats) with Americans.

Tip of the Tongue:

A sausage of this quality is best eaten on its own, perhaps alongside some slices of aged Manchego. A generous pour of Tempranillo, Syrah or Bombal would only heighten the level of luxury.


Pork, sea salt, celery extract, cane sugar, black truffle, lactic acid starter culture. Comes in a 5 ounce piece.