Tropical Fruit Candies

Tropical Fruit Candies


  • $21 for 18 candies

Mouth says...

Maui Fruit Jewels are essentially like treating yourself to the best gummy you’ve ever, ever had in your life, because this one tastes like real fruit. These jewels are a spin on the classic French pate de fruit, and made with fresh fruit that’s local to Maui! Lightly tart, perfectly chewy, and in tropical fruit flavors that will transport you somewhere sunny, whatever the forecast – these are a genuinely special treat that are essentially gummies, grown up. Plus the packaging is so stunning, any lucky recipient will be instantly transported to the tropics. Aloha.

Tip of the Tongue: 
Maui Fruit Jewels might be as enticing from the outside as they are from the inside, so they make a truly unique but no-fail gift for everyone this holiday season. Provided they like yummy and gummy. Doesn’t everyone?


Fruits (coconuts, guavas, lilikoi passion fruits with ground seeds, mangos, papayas, pineapples, fermented noni juice, bananas, starfruit, turmeric, Maui sweet pineapple wine, Maui red wine, Maui sparkling wine, Maui lavender-infused wine, jalapeños, ginger), Organic Cane Sugar, Glucose, Pectin, Water, Citric Acid