Mouth-Made Toffee Break Chocolate Bar

  • $6.50 for a 2.1 oz bar


We're obsessed with chocolate here at Mouth. After years hunting down the coolest and tastiest products around, we were still craving our favorite childhood bars. But the mass-produced, grocery store versions just didn't measure up anymore in terms of quality. Our CEO Craig got the tasting team together and said: “Let’s indie-fy!” So he and our tasting team worked closely with one of our chocolatier friends to create this incredibly different but totally familiar bar, plus the High Five and the Flat White.

Craig has always loved the Heath bar, considering toffee a close second to almonds when he ranks his all-time “classic” chocolate pairings (yes, this is what we do around Mouth HQ). But after enjoying countless store-bought bars, he was frustrated by the ratio of toffee to chocolate, and knew Tumbador could do it better.

Tumbador walked the fine line between not-caramelized-enough sugar and, well, totally burnt flavor. The almond toffee inside is not too sticky, but not overly dry or crunchy, either. Each square delivers our ideal balance of sweet, salty, creamy and crispy, with an addictive tack from the sticky toffee. It’s now Craig’s new favorite!

tip of the tongue

Stash one or two bars in your bag before heading to the movies. Pack for long car rides to skirt the vending machines at every rest stop.