Toffee Break Chocolate Bar

Toffee Break Chocolate Bar


  • $9.50 for a 2.1 oz bar

Mouth says...

It’s a dream come chew. This sweet, salty, crispy and sticky chocolate bar is chock-a-block with caramelized almond toffee. In fact, there’s practically an equal ratio of top-tier cocoa and nutty, butterscotch-y brittle. Lovingly designed and crafted by Mouth, it takes our childhood love of the classic flavor combo, but raises the stakes with premium ingredients and small-batch quality and care. Break us off a piece of that toffee bar! 

Tip of the Tongue:

Ever heard of Sex in a Bowl? It’s an over-the-top trifle composed of layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and bits of chopped toffee bar. You know where we’re going with this. 


Milk chocolate (pure cane sugar, milk, cacao beans, soy lecithin, vanilla beans), toffee (sugar, butter, almonds [roasted in cocoa butter and/or sunflower oil], milk, salt), sea salt

May come in contact with wheat, eggs, sesame, nuts and peanuts.

  • Contains dairy.
  • Contains soy.