Make Your Own Soda Cookbook


Make Your Own Soda Cookbook
Make Your Own Soda Cookbook Make Your Own Soda Cookbook Make Your Own Soda Cookbook
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Maybe you got a soda stream as a holiday gift, or you buy seltzer by the case, or you're just fed up with sweet, chemical-y soda. If any of this applies, you have got to get this book. Your drinking options are about to get way more awesome. 

We've already been stocking our bars with Anton Nocito's delicious P&H Soda Syrups so we can whip up a cream soda or a salty dog (grapefruit syrup!) at any moment. Now, we're learning how to make our own, with Anton's new book, Make Your Own Soda: Syrup Recipes for All-Natural Pop, Floats, Cocktails, and More. 

Who wouldn't want a fridge stocked with seasonal syrups in fresh-from-the-farm flavors like blueberry or pear. Ever wanted to make your own grenadine or orgeat syrup for tiki drinks like mai tais? Done and done. Or how about chocolate and vanilla for egg creams and phosphates? After browsing the chapters on cocktails and desserts, you may be inspired to open your own bar or ice cream shop!

This book makes a great gift for any libation lover!

tip of the tongue

Try Anton's genius recipe for boiled apple syrup – you can leave it plain, or get creative and add some spices like whole cinnamon or cloves. 

1 quart fresh apple juice

Pinch of salt

Simmer juice and salt in a medium saucepan over medium heat until the juice is reduced by half (about 1 hour). Remove from the heat and let cool. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days. Makes about 2 cups. 

Try this mixed with seltzer (when you're feeling hot) or in a hot toddy (when you're feeling cold).

More than 70 recipes for all-natural sodas plus a few dozen delicious ways to use them in just 140 compact pages. What would you like to drink?

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