The Emerald 1865 Straight American Whiskey


The Emerald 1865 Straight American Whiskey
The Emerald 1865 Straight American Whiskey The Emerald 1865 Straight American Whiskey The Emerald 1865 Straight American Whiskey
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This straight American whiskey really walks and talks like an Irish whiskey. It checks off all the signature boxes: distilled three times, in a pot still; unpeated; aged at least three years.

With so few original, 19th-century Irish whiskey bottles left to try, how did Ransom Spirits revive this traditional style? They teamed up with lauded cocktail historian David Wondrich, who had found an Irish whiskey mash bill recorded in 1865 by a British excise officer.

The malted barley in the bill adds a ton of body with caramel and toasted spice notes, while the unmalted barley balances with herbaceous green. Rolled oats add a cereal quality (think: Cheerios!) and a heft that makes this more substantial than most Irish whiskeys.

Everything’s milled, mashed, fermented, aged and bottled on-site at the Ransom distillery in the emerald hills of Sheridan, Oregon. We’re convinced that one sip would make those Emerald Isle whiskey fanatics more than a little green with envy.

tip of the tongue

Drink this neat, or with just a few drops of water. Imagine the bragging rights over your next nightcap when you can tell all your friends they’re sipping a recipe from the 1800s.

43.8% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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