The Cookout




Whether you're grilling up homemade veggie burgers on a fire escape hibachi, hot dogs on sticks over a fire pit or your signature burgers on that charcoal grill, your creations deserve the very best fixings to finish them off.

Because face it: You're indie. You're cooking with your hands, using ingredients you carefully selected, and you take pride in the final dish. Why not complement your hard work with sauces and garnishes made by other indie food-lovers?

From classic ketchup made with the ripest tomatoes to small-batch mustard to superlative bread and butter pickles, these really are the pièce de résistance to a perfect meal. We've also included a giant bag of incredibly crisp tortilla chips and a life-altering salsa to munch on while you wait (because the secret ingredient in incredible burgers is patience). Plus, for dessert you've got the most delicious s'mores-inspired sandwich cookies – even better once they get a little melty.

  • $63 EACH
  • $89 EACH