Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky


Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky
Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky
  • $10.75 for a 2.25 oz bag
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Calling all jerky lovers! If you’re looking for the perfect sweet-spicy snack, then you’ve got to ‘Thai’ this Thai Mango Curry Beef Jerky by True Jerky. The intense heat of the red curry paste is tempered by the subtle sweetness of the mango, taking your mouth on one wild ride! 

Not only is this a fun and inventive jerky made using only locally sourced strips of natural Brandt beef, but it’s also made sans hormones and antibiotics. This jerky is perfect for road trips, when camping, or simply when you’re looking for something quick and satisfying, so don’t forget to grab a few for when hunger strikes!

While the gents behind this jerky don’t hail from Dixie (they’re California proud), they sure know how to treat a product right. The French fry-style cut keeps the consumption classy and the fact that it’s high protein and gluten-free make it clean fuel fit for a finer breed of man – or lady.


Looking to mix up your breakfast routine? Try chopping up some of this jerky and adding it your scrambled eggs with some slivers of Hunter Cheddar for a spicy, fun and cheesy twist on "the usual."

Comes in a 2.25 oz bag.

  • Contains fish.
  • contains soy.
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