Thai Chile Ginger Pickles

Thai Chile Ginger Pickles


  • $18.50 for a 32 oz jar

Mouth says...

Some like it hot, and these picks are here for their pecking. One of four extremely limited annual pickle releases in The Real Dill’s globe-trotting Passport Series, Thai Chile Ginger Pickles take their cue from Tom Kha Gai – a hot and sour soup popular in Thailand. Warm, sharp ginger root and citrusy, aromatic lemongrass give these complex cukes a bright boost, with a lift from galangal and lime leaf (traditional Thai additions). Salty, zesty, spicy, and ever-so-slightly sweet, these bad boys are bursting with flavor. Like the soup that inspired them, they pack a revitalizing punch.

The pickle pros at The Real Dill are masters at transforming the finest produce into crunchy treasures that are as tasty as they are attractive. Every pickle is hand-cut and packed – and the whole ingredients are on display through the glass. Add their pretty labels to the equation and that's one good-looking jar!

Tip of the tongue:

These are about to be your afternoon snack of choice. Chop them up and toss into a stir fry or coconut curry. The longer they sit, the more intense they’ll get, and since they’re bottled with a whole Thai chile you can expect some extra sinus-clearing benefits to boot.

Oh, and since we’re talking about benefits, did we mention The Real Dill’s zero-waste mission? They divert over 30,000 lbs of food waste annually away from landfill for composting for urban farming initiatives. They’re, ahem, the real dill.


Fresh Cucumbers, Vinegar, Water, Ginger, Palm Sugar, Lemongrass, Salt, Thai Chiles, Garlic, Galangal Root, Lime Leaves