Thai Basil Cocktail Mixer

Thai Basil Cocktail Mixer


Mouth says...

This is a flavor-punch of fresh Thai basil (which, FYI, is a little more floral than Italian basil), sparked by vinegar and a little salt, and perfectly sweetened with cane sugar. It's the best balance of all our favorite tastes, and adds a bright, summery vibe to any drink, anytime. 

At his Pok Pok restaurants in Portland and New York City, chef Andy Ricker serves amazing drinking vinegars with a vaguely tropical bent that he's been kind enough to share with the wider public (us!). Mix it with seltzer and it's the best herbal soda you've ever tasted – and the shrub cocktail options only get better from there. Not too sweet, not too tart; once you've tried it, you'll be as crazy for drinking vinegar as we are. (Oh, and we are crazy.)

tip of the tongue

Just mix 1 part drink mixer with 4 parts seltzer, soda or filtered water. If you're looking for something stronger, we love adding White Pike White Whiskey and a little seltzer. It may be the best showcase for white whiskey we've tasted. 


Cane sugar, natural cane vinegar, fresh thai basil, sea salt, citric acid, ascorbic acid. Comes in a 16 oz bottle.