Tennessee Whiskey Shortbread Coins

Tennessee Whiskey Shortbread Coins


  • $10 for a 4 oz box

Mouth says...

All of the crumbly, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness of Willa’s Shortbread, but, you know...with whiskey. Willa’s Shortbread was originally made in North Carolina, but after Willa herself retired, the bakery was relocated to Tennessee, where we assume this divine shortbread met its partner in deliciousness: Tennessee whiskey. Can you imagine how good the bakery smells when they make these?! We’re totally whiskeyed away. 

Tip of the Tongue:

Real Tennessee whiskey is used in the baking process of these shortbread coins, so you know they’ll also pair perfect with...wait for it...Tennessee whiskey. The brand is up to you, just make sure you already have it on hand when these shortbreads arrive. They don’t last long. Pairing the two items together would also make for a really special upgrade on gifting someone their favorite bottle, don’t you think?


Wheat Flour, Butter (cream, salt), Sugar, Pure Tennessee Whiskey, Natural TN Whiskey Flavor