Tempranillo Pretty Horses Vineyard 2014

Tempranillo Pretty Horses Vineyard 2014
Tempranillo Pretty Horses Vineyard 2014 Tempranillo Pretty Horses Vineyard 2014 Tempranillo Pretty Horses Vineyard 2014
  • $32 for 750 ml


If we could drink this stunning Tempranillo every day, we would! It’s an extremely versatile wine that pairs with just about any anything. With the first sip, you’re greeted by soft cherry, sweet spice and a lovely light body. 

Enfield Wine Co., a family-run winery by John Lockwood and Amy Seese, is dedicated to making wines with personality and that tell a story. Their grapes are sourced with a focus on terroir, and they only work with small vineyards and independent growers. 

For this Tempranillo, Enfield Wine Co. uses grapes sourced from two different vineyards in California’s Sierra Foothills about 60 miles east of Sacramento. They also add a small amount (five percent, to be exact) of Graciano grapes which contribute a beautiful brightness and balanced acidity. And get this: You know that whole old-school, I Love Lucy foot-stomping thing that most vineyards stopped doing long ago? Enfield actually does it. Yep, during fermentation, their grapes are gently foot tread. Kind of cool, right?

Enjoy while it’s young, and you’ll be rewarded by its juiciness and then embraced by its long luxurious finish!


Outstanding with cured meats – especially prosciutto! Pour yourself a glass, assemble a charcuterie board, sit back and enjoy.

95% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano. 13.4% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

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