When the distillers at Industry City got excited about making infusions, extracts and bitters, they realized they wanted the absolute purest, cleanest alcohol to work with. So, of course, like all good science geeks, they had to make it themselves. 

Technical Reserve is distilled to 96.5% alcohol by volume, which is scientifically called "azeotrope", the highest percentage possible of alcohol that can be produced. The highest. Percentage. Possible.

It's a must have for all those DIY types who like to experiment in the kitchen or behind the bar. When combined with herbs, fruits or spices, it pulls out the maximum amount of essential oils, so you get a super flavorful extract, very quickly. 

WARNING: Be careful with this stuff—it's not made for drinking straight! If you'd like to sip it like regular vodka, you can dilute it with plenty of water (we recommend at least 3 oz water for every 2 oz of vodka, which will bring it down to 80 proof). 

tip of the tongue

Homemade vanilla or lemon extract? Just put the split-open vanilla beans or lemon peels (make sure to avoid the bitter white pith) in a sealed glass container with Technical Reserve and wait 8 to 24 hours. 

The distillers are so excited about all of the possibilities that they even created a special website to share projects and recipes:

Distilled from beet sugar; 96.5% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375mL bottle.

  • vegan.
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