Teak Cheese Set

Teak Cheese Set


  • $44 for 2 spoons

Mouth says...

At Mouth, we love our cheese. Cutting, dicing, slicing and serving it out with the help of sustainably-produced cheese utensils. Lightweight and easy to handle, they make cheesing it up much easier.

Be Home goes through careful lengths to source the teak for the production of these tools from excess materials from the logging industry. In other words, if Be Home didn’t come along, the materials for these tools would’ve gone to waste… instead of helping us consumer cheese. Beautifully designed and eco-friendly? That’s a win in our books. To top it off, Be Home is a company dedicated to working with family-run artisan groups. To ensure that their producers meet their strict fair-trade and equal opportunity requirements, members of their team visit the international suppliers (in person!) every year.

Tip of the Tongue:

It has always been a point of confusion as to which cheese knife goes with which cheese. Well, let us clarify! In this case, you have three shapes: the cheese fork, the cheese spade and the cheese flat knife. The spade is for cutting chunks of hard cheeses such as your aged manchego or cheddar. The fork is for holding cheeses in place or breaking apart crumbly cheeses like feta or cotija. The flat blade is for shaving hard cheese or cutting soft cheeses like your brie and bleu cheeses. Cheese louise! Who knew cheese was so sophisticated?


Hand carved of white marble and sustainable rosewood. Variations in the color and veining of each piece of marble and wood make each server a singular work of art. Set includes serving fork and spoon. Size: 12"L x 2.75"W. Care Instructions: Hand wash. Use mineral oil as needed. Do not soak under water for long periods of time. Do not put in the refrigerator or freezer.