Tatoosh Bourbon



Seattle's Tatoosh Distillery set out to create a unique bourbon, armed with a family history in moonshining. They even had a little black book of whiskey recipes dating back 100 years. This bottle is definitely unlike any other bourbon we’ve tasted, with a noticeably charred flavor and hints of dried fruit and leather (yes, leather, in the best way). It's also lighter and less sweet than a traditional bourbon.

According to said secret family recipe, Tatoosh distills local grain in an American-made copper still, then ages it for three years. It's brought to proof with water from the Cascade mountain range that filters through volcanic rock.

While incredibly fun to say, Tatoosh (tatoosh! try it!) is also the name of a mountain range and the surrounding wilderness in the state of Washington. During Prohibition, moonshine makers would hide out in the woods, relatively unseen by federal watchdogs. But transporting (or "running") the liquor to town was trickier business, since agents would bust runners along backcountry roads. Tatoosh!

tip of the tongue

This versatile whiskey is awesome on its own or in bourbon-based cocktails. And because it's dryer than most bourbons, it's a surprisingly great substitute for rye.

  • $56 for 750ml