• $15.50 for a 9 oz can


"If all he needs to jumpstart his morning is a top-notch cup of Joe, look no further than this tin of rich, roasted beans."


Our daydream vacation: Wandering through humid forests in the midst of fluttering wings, wading through shallow rice paddies in Wellies, petting livestock and picking coffee cherries on Sumatra.

The Indonesian island's temperamental climate and a complex, funky, farmland vibe are unmistakable in this distinct Sumatra Aceh from Brooklyn Roasting Company. The pulped natural process used on these beans enhances their body and an earthy, chocolatey character that makes Sumatran coffee so popular.

tip of the tongue

Most coffee farmers visit a coffee tree just a few times each season because the cherries ripen all at once. But Sumatra's humid, unpredictable climate sometimes requires that farmers pick a selection of ripe cherries from each tree, every week, for eight months!

Dark roast; pulped natural; grown at 1,750-2,000 meters above sea level. Whole beans; comes in a 9 oz can.

  • vegan.
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