Stemless Wine Glasses


Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless Wine Glasses Stemless Wine Glasses Stemless Wine Glasses Stemless Wine Glasses
  • $20 for 4 glasses


We went crazy for these glasses when we first held one in our hands. Light, but somehow substantial at the same time, with a perfect divot for our thumb, it made us totally re-think outdoor entertaining and enjoying a glass of wine in situations where stemware just isn’t practical. Then we found ourselves reaching for one even when we weren’t heading outside. And now? They’re our go-to glasses year-round. 

So we were pretty excited to learn that these shatterproof wine glasses are made here in the United States (they were invented in St. Helena, California, and are manufactured in Chicago). 

Tip Of The Tongue

Govino’s flexible wine glasses are made of BPA-free polymers and are both reusable and recyclable (you can put them in the top rack of your dishwasher, too)! Plus, they can be used for anything, not just wine. Sure, this set of four 12 oz glasses are perfect for cocktails, but also for orange juice, milk, soda or any non-alcoholic drink when kids are along for the ride.

Set of 4 stemless 12 oz glasses.

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