Hot Korean Ssäm Sauce



This subtly spicy chili sauce has been adding flavorful heat to chef David Chang’s food since he opened his first New York City restaurant in 2004. Miso and soy sauce make this sauce rich with umami. Like a good barbecue sauce, it’s also a little tangy – rice vinegar and sake balance the subtle heat of Korean chili pepper in the gochujang base.

Um, gochujang. You might not yet know how to pronounce this Korean condiment (it's go-choo-jahng), but once you have a taste, your Mouth will be too overwhelmed for words – and you'll forget the "s" word ever even existed (srira-wha?).

did you know?

“Ssäm” in Korean translates literally as “wrapped” and often refers to cooked meat wrapped in leafy vegetables. Chang’s Momofuku Ssäm Bar in NYC specializes in, among other things, pork ssäm: tender pork shoulder wrapped in bibb lettuce with kimchi and (you guessed it) a dab of this sauce.

tip of the tongue

Our latest favorite Chang-ian way to use it? Slather it on fried chicken with Asian pickles and a little mayonnaise, on a bun or inside a Chinese bao, if you can swing one! Stir a spoonful into instant ramen, add a kick to french fries that ketchup can’t, or mix into chicken salad with chopped scallion and sesame seeds.

  • $14 for an 11 oz bottle