Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn

Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn
Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn
  • $5.75 for a 4.5 oz bag


We could write a thesis on Zlicious’s small-batch popcorn and what makes it so addictive. We would bury ourselves in the research, diligently testing each hypothesis (melt-in-your-Mouth texture? hull-free, snowy white kernels? earthy whole-grain taste? non-GMO wholesomeness?) just to discover that no matter the conclusion, topping one addiction with another addiction renders us powerless in the combo’s presence.

Dusted with a dried (but no less tempting) take on that can’t-live-without Thai crimson condiment, Zlicious Sriracha Sea Salt popcorn packs a one-two tangy chili pepper punch, putting our spice receptors and dominant snacking hand on high alert. Then, in swoops the sea salt, coaxing each and every one of our taste buds into willful submission. 

Pop goes our heart.

tip of the tongue

Yes, the red dusting looks light and faint and innocent, but the heat is sinus-clearing strong. Maybe mix yourself a cooling beverage before you pop open a bag.

Non-GMO popcorn, sunflower oil, sriracha salt (sea salt, sriracha sauce), ginger, cayenne. Comes in a 4.5 oz bag.

NOTE: Made in a facility that also uses milk and soy.

  • vegan.
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