"We like sriracha because it provides just enough of a kick without being over the top hot – and these addicting snacks and flavorful sauces fit the bill. One SI editor said he’d have no problem finishing off a whole bag of the sriracha cheddar puffs, with an ice-cold beer to wash it all down."


Some like it hot. Some, very hot. You know the type: Steamy, passionate... and addicted to the tantalizingly tingly heat that can only come from a taste of their one true love, Sriracha.

We have six ways to bring it: a balanced, sweet-yet-spicy Original Organic Sriracha plus a bright red Sriracha from Jojo's for the traditionalists, an explosively delicious Peach Sriracha Jam for the sweethearts, a crimson-dusted Sriracha Sea Salt Popcorn for the ones who can’t stop at one bite, a spicy Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky for the adventurous and a bag of Sriracha Cheddar Cheesy Puffs that will remind them how far they’ve come from their first fling. All this comes wrapped in one package, and we all know how rare that is.

To be sure, this collection of fiery small-batch goodies is not for the faint of tongue – or heart. But faint heart never won fair lady (or gentleman), after all.

Our goal is to always send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally we'll ship something slightly different than what's listed here, but we promise it will be equally delicious!

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