Afternoon Off-Site



Now that you've organized an afternoon meeting and booked an inspiring Splacer venue to shake things up, it’s time to think about brain food!

Grab this expertly curated, totally standout set of salty, crunchy, savory snacks and sweet treats, made with a high level of personal attention, craft and passion.

Kick off a team-building party or brainstorm meeting with crowd-pleasing snacks to chomp, munch, scarf and chew your way to success. Reach for power-packed pumpkin seeds, sweetly satisfying energy bars, savory popcorns and obsession-worthy potato chips. Feed a sweet tooth with fudge-y brownies (the same ones Ben & Jerry use in their ice cream) and impeccable, buttery shortbread baked in an artsy cafe.

  • $85.50 EACH
  • $128.25 EACH
  • $171 EACH