Spicy Hot Chocolate

Spicy Hot Chocolate


  • $11.50 for 6 cups

Mouth says...

Mexico has been remixing our idea of "hot" chocolate for a very, very long time, and this Aztec chocolatl-inspired hot cocoa simply pulses with spice and heat. Rich organic cocoa powder gets a heady infusion of earthy cinnamon and throat-warming chipotle pepper, balanced out with nonfat milk powder, a touch of vanilla and organic cane sugar. 

It couldn't be easier — all you have to do is whisk a pouch into one cup of hot water — yet it tastes like a fancy cup you'd be served at a specialty chocolate shop. 

We dig the colorful patterned packaging on all Cocoa Santé flavors, especially this one (orange, of course). The bright box in our pantry is a double winter pick me up. 

tip of the tongue

Cool this hot-hot-hot chocolate down with some vanilla bean marshmallows


Nonfat milk powder, organic cocoa powder processed with alkali, organic cane sugar, dry sweet whey, natural vanilla flavor, cinnamon, chipotle pepper. Each 12 oz box contains 6 individually wrapped 2 oz servings.

  • Contains dairy.