• $18.75 for a 13.5 oz bottle

We can see putting this honey with a kick in and on everything from ginger tea and roasted root veggies to figs with feta cheese and fried chicken. —Tina Ujlaki, Executive Food Editor, Food & Wine Magazine


A single chili pepper dangles in smooth, amber honey, almost taunting you from inside the crisp, modern design of Bushwick Kitchen's Spicy Honey jar. That chili pepper says one thing and one thing only: proceed with caution. This hot honey will catch you off guard in the best way possible, with a heady rush of chili-infused sweetness. 

Tip of the Tongue

Banish cold symptoms* with a Hot Hot Toddy! Combine 1 tablespoon hot honey with 4 oz hot water and stir until dissolved. Add three tablespoons bourbon and pour into a mug. Garnish with a generous strip of lemon, twisted over the glass to release its oils. 

*Booze won't actually make your cold go away faster. But it'll make you feel happier! 

Honey, chili peppers. Sold in an 8 oz bottle.

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