Sparkling Rosé Reserve 2015
Sparkling Rosé Reserve 2015 Sparkling Rosé Reserve 2015 Sparkling Rosé Reserve 2015

Sparkling Rosé Reserve 2015


  • $32 for a 750 ml bottle

Mouth says...

It might be gender normative of us, but we find bubbles especially pretty in pink. 

So we’re totally head over heels for this Reserve Sparkling Rosé made with two-thirds Pinot Noir grapes and one-third Chardonnay grapes in the traditional Champagne method of winemaking.

Lieb Cellars, an 85-acre sustainable vineyard on Long Island’s North Fork, began making this wine for one very simple reason: It was what Australian winemaker, Russell Hearn, and his team wanted to drink. Happy winemaker = happy customers.

Sporting a barely there, salmon-colored hue, this beaut swirls with a nose of warm raspberries and sourdough starter. Its bubbles are refined, lending a creaminess to the palate which tastes a teeny bit like an almond cherry Danish – but dry and in liquid form. Appetizers (from soup to nuts) would shine alongside a glass of this, but it’s also main course material (from surf to turf).

Of course, it’s only fair to point out that once we start seeing pink, we become powerless in its presence, consuming it as quickly as time and social norms allow. Only 500 cases were produced – better get on it.


Once upon a time, this wine accompanied one of our staffers to her favorite BYO Middle Eastern place and wowed her when sipped alongside with the baba ghanoush, the roasted beets, the labneh, the lentils, the lamejun pizza, oh my. And they all lived happily ever after. 



13.2% alcohol by volume; Comes in a 750 ml bottle


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