Sourdough Crackers

Sourdough Crackers


  • $12.50 for a 6 oz box

Mouth says...

Sourdough lovers: get ready, because we just found the cracker-ified version of your favorite flavor.

Flaky and crisp, these handmade crackers from New York’s Aida taste like an entire loaf of sourdough bread compressed into a perfectly crunchy, salty square. They’ve also got a rich, savory flavor that we so closely associate with Parmesan. But nope, no cheese in sight: just unbleached bread flour, active dry yeast and baking powder, plus butter, salt, olive oil and a touch of sugar. (We’re listing the ingredients because we’re still baffled by how so much flavor comes from so few elements.)

“If only they could be warmed and therefore melt butter…” someone at Mouth HQ recently mused. If only, indeed.

Tip of the Tongue

Once you open a sleeve of these crackers, watch out: they go quick. Whether you’re serving them on a cheese plate (delicious), a charcuterie board (next level) or eating right from the beautiful box (don’t mind if we do!), they’re sure to find fans.


Unbleached bread flour, active dry yeast, baking powder, butter, salt, sugar, olive oil. Comes in a 6 oz box.

  • Contains dairy.
  • Contains wheat.