Sorghum BBQ Sauce

Sorghum BBQ Sauce


  • $16 for a 16 oz bottle

Mouth says...

The official, house-made BBQ sauce of The Shack in Staunton, Virginia is now (thankfully) available by the bottle! The Shack is a restaurant led by chef Ian Boden celebrating Appalachian and Southern dishes his wife grew up with, together with cooking from his own Eastern European Jewish heritage. What makes this sauce special is sorghum, which brings sweetness without the addition of anything artificial. Sorghum is a grain that’s often made into a natural sweetener. It’s been used in southern dishes in prior generations, but hasn’t seen much action on modern menus—until now. Love shack.

Tip of the Tongue: 
Use this sauce anywhere (and any time) you want sweet, rich, tangy barbecue flavor – as a marinade (we hear chicken and sausage love this stuff), on the grill, or as a dipping sauce for...well, anything you want to dip in there, really.


Sorghum Syrup, Cider Vinegar, Water, Mustard (vinegar, water mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika), Salt, Starch Spices