Smoked Tea Vanilla Cocktail Syrup

Smoked Tea Vanilla Cocktail Syrup


  • $16 for a 8.4 oz bottle

Mouth says...

This cocktail syrup is a total smoke show. Yes, sexy, but also literally smoky. As soon as you unscrew the cap, the intense essence of a campfire hits your nose. That’s the slow-burning pinewood that’s used to smoke Lapsang Souchong Chinese black tea. That strong, smoldering flavor is tempered and tamed with creamy vanilla notes and infuses this lively, complex cocktail syrup. The elixir is so concentrated, in fact, that it only takes a tablespoon to smoke out an eight ounce glass of soda water.

How did the makers achieve such an impact with only six ingredients? Well, Genevieve and Dan of Raft have done years of experimentation, originally starting by mixing up cocktail potions in Mason jars in their basement. They’re committed to working with real organic botanicals – tea, vanilla and dandelion root infused into water and organic cane sugar. It’s lit.

Tip of the Tongue:

The smoky, vanilla notes naturally pair with the peat in scotch, the woody tastes of bourbon, and even dark rum. Or make your own smoky soda or a delightful riff on black iced tea. Just add one tablespoon of syrup for every 5-8 ounces of liquid, depending on your taste.

And make sure to send it just in time for Father’s Day, so Dad can enjoy his evening nightcap in style.


Organic cane sugar, water, organic Lapsang Souchong, vanilla extract, organic dandelion root, citric acid.