Small-Batch S'mores Kit

Small-Batch S'mores Kit


  • $75.50 EACH
Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

If ice cream has any competition in the summer dessert department, it has to be s'mores. But sometimes, that artificially flavored combo of graham cracker, marshmallows and run-of-the-mill milk chocolate can seem so, well, vanilla. That's where our small-batch s'mores kit comes in. Featuring lots of unique mix-and-match options (because the s'more the s'merrier), these DIY delights have the indulgent qualities we loved as kids, but feature the top tier ingredients we appreciate as grown-ups. Essentially, it's the perfect kit for anyone with an artisanal aesthetic and a nostalgic streak. You'll have them begging for s'more. 

Your experience is important to us! We always aim to send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally, we’ll need to ship something slightly different than what you see listed here, but we promise it will be equally as delicious!