Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskey
Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskey Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskey Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskey


  • $45 for 750ml

Mouth says...

Wyoming Whiskey was founded by ranchers Brad and Kate Mead, whose families have deep roots in Wyoming (Brad’s brother is the Governor!). They've done their state proud with this delicious, impressive bourbon, aged for at least five years in the barrel – that's a long time for an indie distillery.

Their bourbon is distilled from 68% non-GMO corn, 18% wheat and 14% malted barley, all grown within 100 miles of the distillery and milled on-site daily. They barrel the whiskey at 55% alcohol by volume, and after it's done aging it’s brought to proof (44% alcohol by volume) using water from a limestone aquifer called the Madison formation, one mile below Worland, Wyoming.

In the glass, it's dark amber with floral, vanilla and caramel scents and flavors of baking spices, browned butter and caramel. It’s light and smooth with a long, long vanilla finish. 

tip of the tongue

This is a bourbon to sip slowly with nothing added, except maybe a splash of water.  

Did you know? 

Wyoming Whiskey's Small-Batch Bourbon is aged for at least five years, but it tastes much older. The distillers store the aging barrels in warehouses where the temperature fluctuates between below zero in the winter to 130 degrees in the summer. The barrels contract and expand, exposing the whiskey to more wood and speeding up the aging process.


44% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Vegan.



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