Skinner El Dorado Grenache

Skinner El Dorado Grenache


Mouth says...

Grenache may be one of the most commonly grown grapes in the world, but this bottle is anything but common. Full and round (as any good Grenache should be), Skinner’s El Dorado Grenache is packed with dark fruit flavor, just like we like it.

We taste plump, ripe strawberries, juicy cherries and raspberry jam in every sip. And the finish – with hints of star anise, warm baking spices and charred wood – is one of the reasons this is our go-to bottle at dinnertime.                              

Another reason we love it? Skinner rests the wine for 20 months in French oak barrels – but unlike many oak-aged reds, the soft, velvety texture doesn’t come at the cost of being overly heavy or oaky. It retains its complexity, while being totally approachable. 

Fun fact for you history buffs: Skinner’s family-owned winery includes an original stone wine cellar (with a 15,000 gallon capacity!) that dates back to the mid-19th Century. Built for the original winery owned by James Skinner – the great-great-great grandfather of today’s owner – James’ winery was one of the first commercial vineyards in the country, and later grew to be one of America’s largest in the late 1800's.

Tip of the Tongue

Serving steak? Serve this. Serving chicken cacciatore? Serve this. Serving tapas? Serve this. Serving a crowd? Stock up.


14.4 % alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • Vegan.