Single Estate Georgia Rum


Single Estate Georgia Rum
Single Estate Georgia Rum Single Estate Georgia Rum Single Estate Georgia Rum Single Estate Georgia Rum
  • $38 for 375ml


Got a rum-ble in your tumble? Gather round, pirates – we’ve got a new single barrel rum we can’t stop swigging. Drumroll, please… Pa rum pum-pum pum. 

Richland is one of only a few distilleries in America that’s exclusively dedicated to handcrafting rum from pure cane syrup. Sure, rum can be also be made from molasses (a less expensive route because of an increase in production of low cost, large scale molasses), but that also can result in a cheap taste. In contrast, Richland’s authentic rum made in the traditional method from cane juice has beautiful vegetal notes and floral qualities – totally rum-tastic.

In 1999, the first sugar cane was planted on their estate (named for the rich lands of Georgia) and the rum business began. Now, more than 17 years later, they’ve really perfected their craft. This one is aged for 32 to 40 months before it’s bottled. Caramel, vanilla and espresso aromas are balanced with a taste of sweet and smoky tobacco, sugarcane and field flowers. The finish is oaky (it’s aged in American oak barrels, after all) with notes of dark chocolate and figs.

One thing’s for sure - we’re really enjoying Richland’s riches. Catch us if you can – we’re running rum-pant. 


Richland Distilling recommends adding a splash of their Single Estate Georgia Rum to a glass of bubbly for a surprising and refreshing cocktail. Add a splash of lime!


43% alcohol by volume; comes in a 375ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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