Shacksbury Semi-Dry Cider

Shacksbury Semi-Dry Cider


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Mouth says...

Despite the similar vessel, this is no Silver Bullet. With a rounded apple flavor that’s not too dry, and not too sweet, but juuuust right, Shacksbury’s Semi-Dry Cider would even win over Goldilocks. 

Artisanally-made cider is processed and fermented much like wine and usually comes in wine-sized bottles that are great for cider lovers, but perhaps a bit daunting to cider newbies (cider-bies?). This smaller format is an ideal introduction. And at only 6.5% alcohol, you can drink it alone or with whatever you usually eat with your favorite craft brews.

Co-founders of the Vermont-based cidery, David Dolginow and Colin Davis, used nine different apples sourced from both New England and from across the pond. The English varieties give the cider structure and complexity while the American varieties give it refreshing gulpablility. All are so-called “lost” varieties – apples with the tannins and acidity perfect for cider, not so perfect for eating out of hand – revived from cider’s colonial-era heyday.  

Toss a few four-packs in the cooler and you’ll be the hero of your next beach cookout or camping trip. Even the hot dogs will clap.


While charcoal-kissed foods are the ideal warm weather mates for this brew, delicious indie drinking knows no season. Try a non-perishable take on apples and cheese by cracking open a cider to have with these money Cheese Coins.  


6.5% alcohol by volume; comes in a 12 oz can