Shacksbury Dry Cider

Shacksbury Dry Cider


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Mouth says...

No longer do glass-prohibited outdoor venues mean settling for cans of flavorless big house brews. We craft beverage fans have our pick of killer aluminum-clad beers, and now canned ciders are catching on too. This one that conjures up a bushel of (bone-dry) apples plus a walk in the orchard, goes down mighty easy with everything from a Thanksgiving turkey to summer picnic fried chicken. It also does just fine flying solo.

Co-founders of the Vermont-based cidery, David Dolginow and Colin Davis, used nine different apples sourced from both New England and from across the pond. The English varieties give the cider structure and complexity while the Americans give it refreshing gulpablility. All are so-called “lost” varieties – apples with the tannins and acidity perfect for cider, not so perfect for eating out of hand – revived from cider’s colonial-era heyday.  

Pressed in the fall when their flavors (which border on spicy, nutty and earthy) are at their peak, this year-round beverage is the apple of our eye.


To the English, the shandy – half beer and half citrusy soda – is a way to ease into a weekend. We at Mouth fully support cider shandies (half dry cider, half citrusy soda) on Friday afternoons. We wouldn’t want anyone pulling a muscle closing his laptop or getting out of her swivel chair too abruptly.


6.5% alcohol by volume; comes in a 12 oz can