Semolina Cavatelli Pasta

Semolina Cavatelli Pasta


  • $10 for a 16 oz bag

Mouth says...

This organic artisanal cavatelli is a whole next level pasta. The "little cave" shape curves into a hollow built to hold thicker sauces and chunks of whatever seasonal veggies you snagged at the farmer’s market. The ridges are expert flavor-trappers, but they also give the noodles a sturdier bite. Meanwhile, semolina has a slightly sweet, nutty quality and a naturally golden hue we’re so here for. 

Sfoglini sources the finest American organic grains. The traditional bronze dies used to hand-cut their pasta give it a coarse, porous surface sauces cling to. The slow-drying process is a time-honored trick of the trade, preserving flavor and nutrients, and making it much easier to achieve an al dente finish. Again, we’re talking major texture — toothsome, chewy and sublimely sauce-able. A nod to nonnas everywhere.

Tip of the Tongue:
Cavatelli and broccoli is a popular combo in Italy – we love how a few chopped florets will find their way into those hollows. The ridges make it [insert chef’s kiss here] bellissima with more substantial, meaty sauces, like a mushroom ragu or a luscious bolognese. Buon appetito!


Organic Durum Semolina, Water. Contains: Wheat.